2nd Post of the Day!

So I have been ran through the ringer this week and it’s only Wednesday, but I am sober. I got my feelings hurt today. A girl that doesn’t like me, which is fine because I am not fond of her either, went to the gym I work at and said she and her friends would never take a class that I teach. Fine, no big deal to me, I didn’t expect her to come as she has knee problems and there is no way she could do the class anyway. She isn’t what you say physically fit or fitness minded but why does she feel the need to say that at my place of employment and directly to the owners. She owns her own business and her husband has a business and I would never speak poorly of either. Actually this girl isn’t even on my radar. I am not jealous of her in anyway, I just stay away from her. She is very drama driven and just plain old mean but it still has hurt me. If I don’t like someone I wish them well in my head and avoid them like the plague. Anyway thanks for listening and I guess most of us alcoholic’s get our feeling hurt easily…Time for my nap!!! Ha!


3 thoughts on “2nd Post of the Day!

  1. “Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.”- Buddha

    It is hard not to feel hurt by people’s words. I recently had a lot of hateful things emailed to me by a family member. I could tell she is angry and feels jealousy towards me and saying petty things to try to make herself feel better. I replied “I feel sorry for you” even though I was upset and hurt.

    • Very true….I am not really angry, I guess somewhat but my feelings are hurt…I guess I was on such a pink cloud getting my certification, class to teach and then already shot down at my new adventure before I really got started. Oh well I do feel sorry for her and I am glad I am not her and think like her…I guess that is why it hurts because I couldn’t imagine doing that to someone, except when drinking then I could be very ugly but would not every really remember it….Oh what a vicious cycle!! I am already feeling better just being home and focusing on what is really important…and what others think about me is really none of my business.

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