2nd Post of the Day!

So I have been ran through the ringer this week and it’s only Wednesday, but I am sober. I got my feelings hurt today. A girl that doesn’t like me, which is fine because I am not fond of her either, went to the gym I work at and said she and her friends would never take a class that I teach. Fine, no big deal to me, I didn’t expect her to come as she has knee problems and there is no way she could do the class anyway. She isn’t what you say physically fit or fitness minded but why does she feel the need to say that at my place of employment and directly to the owners. She owns her own business and her husband has a business and I would never speak poorly of either. Actually this girl isn’t even on my radar. I am not jealous of her in anyway, I just stay away from her. She is very drama driven and just plain old mean but it still has hurt me. If I don’t like someone I wish them well in my head and avoid them like the plague. Anyway thanks for listening and I guess most of us alcoholic’s get our feeling hurt easily…Time for my nap!!! Ha!


Taking the good with the bad….

I am going to start off with the good. I passed my group fitness instructor and personal trainer exam with a 93%. I am super excited at the prospect of being a personal trainer. I imagine myself helping someone discover their inner strength and self-confidence. Yes all rainbows and unicorns……

The bad….Well I need to give a little history. My sons dad, D, is an alcoholic. He is looking a being sent to prison as of next Tuesday. He is not a criminal but truly an alcoholic. He has never missed a child support payment, he has always provided excellent health insurance and seen our son regularly for his first 9 years here on Earth……but he is an alcoholic….binge/blackout drinker…He has received his 5th DUI and while being fingered printed he hit the officer and cut his face open….the prosecutor is willing to drop the DUI (WHAT???) but want to hang him on the battery of a police officer, which is a Felony and send him to prison for 2 years. I am torn as I do not see this as a way to change him or help him. I would rather see him court ordered to a rehab for a year and see our tax money spent helping him not keeping him in a jail cell and not changing…So not only is my son loosing his dad but his child support (Approximately $7,200.00 a year) and his excellent health insurance….but we will be fine. My husband has been in our lives since my son was 15 months and like I said before he is now 9.

Bad news number two….Well it’s my mom. She has battled substance abuse (But it’s prescribed, it’s her medicine!! Some doctors, which she is good at finding, are just legal drug dealers), alcoholism, low self-esteem and a very unhealthy co-dependent relationship with my older, half-sister….Yesterday morning I received a phone call from the local police that my mom was in a bad way. Now I have seen my mom slobbering, head bobbing, thick tongue, crawling across the floor, cussing me on how she deserves this….WHAT?? But yesterday she was scared, wide awake, no slobbering…..I went to the ER thinking she had taken something but her blood work came back negative. She said something that she hadn’t had her anti-depressant in a couple weeks and had been up 5 days with no food. It was heartbreaking. The hospital was great and she is now in a local psych ward. I have been here before, they will keep her up to 2 weeks then send her home. You can’t fix that in 2 weeks….that’s just a vacation for her to get her rest, food, and medications changed up…..The system is broke. I wish I could take all the 2 weeks she has been in over the years and put them together and keep her there and get her the help she needs…..

So my sons dad went on a huge bender over the weekend and my mom went to the psych ward….but I will not drink….Lets remember all who are still struggling, for they are many….Love, Peace and Sobriety!

PS this is a lot of rambling and I know I just put a lot of information out there but I feel better writing it out.

Ready for Spring

I taught my cardio/weight class this morning, thinking of changing the name to Happy Hour, we tilled the garden, we moved the greenhouse my hubby is building me, I started painting it, we put up the new purple martin house and cleaned out the old ones….Ready for Spring!!!

Good things come to those who are sober!

So I am not sure if I have shared but I LOVE TO WORKOUT. I only want to work part-time so I have time to work out! That is something I am very grateful for. My “JOB” is at a coffee shop and I work approximately 12 hours a week there. The hours rock, 8am – 2pm, so I can always be there for my son when he gets home from school….and I can workout. I now have been offered to teach 2 days a week at the gym…so this weekend I am testing for my group fitness certification and will be starting my OWN class the beginning of April. Very excited. This will only support my decision to stay sober. Can’t be the eye of health and drink yourself into stupidity…..plus hangovers take me a full week to recover from. Cannot teach physical fitness with a hangover….Yay!!

My friend at the gym has started a FB page about her Weight Loss Journey and I see so many similarities with Alcohol Addiction and her relationship with food….she has lost an amazing 85 lbs. and is looking great and feeling great. Before she started this journey we talked a lot about forgiveness. She was holding onto a lot of resentments and anger towards others. We messaged a lot, as we both have unhealthy relationships with our mothers and seem not to be the most girly of girls, now we are smoking hot (HA!) but not Barbie types….I wish the support she gets for cleaning up her diet, taking better care of herself, stopping her self defeating behaviors, etc. is the same feedback I would get if I put a FB page solely for my sobriety journey. That is what I really want to do. I am not ashamed of it, only the things I have done and treated others is what I am ashamed of. I am not ashamed that I want to not drink, be healthy, handle life on life’s terms, show other girls that drinking is not cool, being different is ok, taking care of yourself it ok…….This is what I think will eventually be my purpose……I think after a year of sobriety that will be my treat….l will be strong enough to stand up and say Hey if I can do this you can too!!!

I hope everyone in Sober Blogville is having a great day and let’s not forget those who are still struggling out there!! Peace and Sobriety!!! ❤

Sunday Morning Coming Down

Two weeks ago that would have been true but not this Sunday (a song written by Kris Kristopherson and sang by Johnny Cash). My what a difference two weeks make. I am sober, awake, feeling well, watching Sunday Morning with my hubby, drinking coffee and making oatmeal pancakes. Enjoying my Sunday morning!! Going to do some laundry, clean kitchen and hopefully pick up my bedroom. It totally looks like two teenagers live in there!!

The news reported that there are 200 days left in this year. I believe I will do two 100 Day Challenges with Belle…and end this year on a positive note and begin my next year the same way. Two Hundred Days. I can do this….I want to do this….I am looking forward to this. I am no longer scared of forever without the drink…I am scared of continuing with drinking…I am no longer worried about being Sober as I know this is the only way I will not only survive but progress, change, grow, live…..Peace and Sobriety! Please remember all those still struggling.