WHooo Hoooo!!

Day 30 today folks from my last relapse…..in the last 123 days I have drank one time….more than one drink and it was a binge but still proud of once in four months and now 30 days consecutively…Yes a relapse is a relapse and I have started over but I am still proud of the progress….Beautiful day here in Southern Illinois today….Looking forward to taking it slow today and enjoying my journey.

On another note…My husband has decided to buy another piece of equipment, off EBay of all things, being shipped from PA. No returns, he has not seen it in person and we spent $30,000.00 on it. Yes this bothers me but I am going to trust my journey. If God didn’t want him to purchase it the deal would have fell through. I worry a lot but not over this….it is out of my control and I will trust my HP…I will trust my journey.

Today my ex-husband is going to court for his 5th DUI and hitting the police officer that was fingering printing him. What picture did that just create in your head??? I am worried as I know he is not a criminal but an alcoholic.
The system is wanting him to go to prison but I know this will not help him. Yes he needs to be held responsible for his actions but if they really want to rehabilitate him send him to rehab for a year, the drinking is a symptom of something deeper. Both of his parents were 19 year old alcoholics and left him a lot to drink and run around. He mother is dead now and his dad is remarried and does not drink….now. Please just say prayers that God’s will is done and that a blessing comes from this situation. Thanks for listening to this rambling!!! Lets always remember those who are still suffering, for we are many!!!! Love, hugs and sobriety today.


2 thoughts on “WHooo Hoooo!!

    • Thank you!! Ex’s court date has been rescheduled till May, hopefully a blessing indisguise!! I feel great and seem to be getting stronger day by day. Thanks for checking in on me!

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