Yes!! Think “IT” through!!!



Sunday Morning Coming Down

Two weeks ago that would have been true but not this Sunday (a song written by Kris Kristopherson and sang by Johnny Cash). My what a difference two weeks make. I am sober, awake, feeling well, watching Sunday Morning with my hubby, drinking coffee and making oatmeal pancakes. Enjoying my Sunday morning!! Going to do some laundry, clean kitchen and hopefully pick up my bedroom. It totally looks like two teenagers live in there!!

The news reported that there are 200 days left in this year. I believe I will do two 100 Day Challenges with Belle…and end this year on a positive note and begin my next year the same way. Two Hundred Days. I can do this….I want to do this….I am looking forward to this. I am no longer scared of forever without the drink…I am scared of continuing with drinking…I am no longer worried about being Sober as I know this is the only way I will not only survive but progress, change, grow, live…..Peace and Sobriety! Please remember all those still struggling.



Yep I am feeling like unicorns and rainbows while hubby who decided to spend a beautiful day off lying and drinking is feeling like the pile of dog poop I stepped in when I got home from work to his lying and drinking…..Joy in the morning….I am learning to make choices that the future me will be proud of…This morning I am humbly proud of myself…Got to watch the ego!!!


Ok I am angry…I caught my husband lying again…He claims to be working when actually he is drinking. I don’t have to physically catch him I just know. I can tell the difference in his voice, repeating himself, not really answering my questions. This is something I would use in the past to justify my drinking…I don’t want to drink at him (usually I would save up a bunch of stuff for a big binge) but what do I do??? Things will continue that I allow to continue…I know alcohol makes one lie but he lies about a lot of things..not big things but he lies…It doesn’t bother him to lie…How can I set a boundary the adult way?? I am done with the games…..I can drank at him anymore because that does not work, the only person it hurts is me and it just keeps the game going……See no rainbows and unicorns today….Today I just stepped in some poop and I am trying to shake it off my foot before I get it all over the house.

I want to be successful….in my sober life!


I am sharing from Brendon Burchard – Live.Love.Matter.

Everything in “” are my thoughts on how I can incorporate these questions in my everyday sobriety.

6 Questions successful, high-performing individuals ask themselves.

1. Presence – What level am I in this moment in terms of my emotional & physical vibrancy & presence?
“I can not be drinking/drunk and be present, much less vibrant.”

2. Psychology – Am I living my truth- am I being who I know I can be and interacting with others AS MY BEST SELF?
“Best Self and drinking or drunk cannot be used in the same sentence describing myself drunk/drinking.”

3. Physiology – Am I rested, fit and hydrated?
“HMMMMM- H.A.L.T. Anyone?!!”

4. Productivity – What is my mission today-what must I accomplish today to progress my life?
“In no way will drinking progress my life.”

5. Persuasion – Am I demonstrating bold enthusiasm when I seek to influence others?
“Don’t know how much influencing I need to be doing, but I do want to give Sobriety a good face. Who would want to become sober if they had to look at me be miserable, angry, hateful (heck I sound drunk!).”

6. Purpose – How can I serve Greatly?
“Drinking = Selfishness, can’t serve and be selfish.”