Good things come to those who are sober!

So I am not sure if I have shared but I LOVE TO WORKOUT. I only want to work part-time so I have time to work out! That is something I am very grateful for. My “JOB” is at a coffee shop and I work approximately 12 hours a week there. The hours rock, 8am – 2pm, so I can always be there for my son when he gets home from school….and I can workout. I now have been offered to teach 2 days a week at the gym…so this weekend I am testing for my group fitness certification and will be starting my OWN class the beginning of April. Very excited. This will only support my decision to stay sober. Can’t be the eye of health and drink yourself into stupidity… hangovers take me a full week to recover from. Cannot teach physical fitness with a hangover….Yay!!

My friend at the gym has started a FB page about her Weight Loss Journey and I see so many similarities with Alcohol Addiction and her relationship with food….she has lost an amazing 85 lbs. and is looking great and feeling great. Before she started this journey we talked a lot about forgiveness. She was holding onto a lot of resentments and anger towards others. We messaged a lot, as we both have unhealthy relationships with our mothers and seem not to be the most girly of girls, now we are smoking hot (HA!) but not Barbie types….I wish the support she gets for cleaning up her diet, taking better care of herself, stopping her self defeating behaviors, etc. is the same feedback I would get if I put a FB page solely for my sobriety journey. That is what I really want to do. I am not ashamed of it, only the things I have done and treated others is what I am ashamed of. I am not ashamed that I want to not drink, be healthy, handle life on life’s terms, show other girls that drinking is not cool, being different is ok, taking care of yourself it ok…….This is what I think will eventually be my purpose……I think after a year of sobriety that will be my treat….l will be strong enough to stand up and say Hey if I can do this you can too!!!

I hope everyone in Sober Blogville is having a great day and let’s not forget those who are still struggling out there!! Peace and Sobriety!!! ❤


8 thoughts on “Good things come to those who are sober!

  1. I was feeling a little down the other day after work and found myself stopping to get fast food. I hate fast food! It seems without booze, that is what I am turning to for quick comfort. I need to find a replacement. I am hoping to find a 24 hour gym. My gym is not open on weekened before I go to work and that messes up my workout motivation.

    • Yes food is an addiction too….I binge eat too!!! I have also noticed how fast I drink a bottle of water or really anything!! I gulp!!! I would not be happy without my workouts. Hopefully the weather will break where you live and you can get outside and workout with some sunshine!!!

      • I love that you ended that post with a shout out to those who are still struggling. This problem we share sucks so bad, and there are a lot of good people out there just hating themselves right this second, just stuck in the unspeakable misery of alcoholism. I want to do something. What can I do though? Nothing, really. It sucks because we aren’t monsters, even when we’re out there acting like them.

    • Really easy Mike….Check out and search for the oatmeal pancakes. I use 100% Whole Wheat, Unbleached Flour and organic brown sugar. I mix the dry ingredients in my food processor before adding the milk, egg and vanilla. I love this recipe website. Let me know how you like them…..

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