Yep this is how I am feeling towards hubby right now!!! I get this!!!



2 thoughts on “Yep this is how I am feeling towards hubby right now!!! I get this!!!

  1. Yeah, I know all about “sorry husband.” I was sorry husband for a lot of years. In AA they stress the importance of promptly admitting wrongdoing. I’ve never had a problem with that. It seems that I’ve spent most of my adult life promptly admitting wrongdoing. But like you say, sometimes you actually have to behave differently. Having said that, what my wife never understood is that I suffered more than she. It sounds like you both may have substance abuse problems. My wife doesn’t. I do. Remember how much you suffer when drinking, and even though your husband is being a prick, know that it hurts for him too. As the drunk one, he’s the alcoholic who’s still suffering. Don’t mean to diagnose another person here, but if so, then what I said.

    Regardless, your only job is the one you are currently kicking ass on. Sobriety is a rollercoaster, and I don’t know about you, but I get motion sick. Drinking is a bus driven down a windy mountain rode by a psychopath. If you gotta endure a rough ride, better to do so at the amusement park.

    Ay! What a horrible metaphor. Oh well, it’s before 6AM here and I woke up with a toothache. It’s making me grrrrr.

  2. I was totally loving towards him the next morning. Got him some coffee, spoke nicely, he said he was mad at himself and I just reminded him that his words and actions were not jiving. He agreed. No yelling or ugly talk just talk. He agreed he needs to stop drinking for our marriage to survive. I am definately the alcoholic. He actually manages his better but it is a trigger for me…..when he is lying about his drinking and lying about “being at work.” I have to remember, that drinking because someone treated you poorly isn’t the grandest of ideas and I do try to remember how horrible it is to wake after a FUN night out. So maybe he and I can ride this rollercoaster together, even though I think I am more towards the front and he in the back, but everyone has to start their journey somewhere. Thanks Eric!!!

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